How do I pay for my services?


We are doing everything to keep the cost of our services affordable while doing nothing to compromise the excellent care you deserve. One way to do this is by eliminating the cost of sending statements.  When you first visit our office, you will be given a choice of payment options.  Cash or checks are welcome, and if you wish to make extended payments, we also accept credit cards.


An interest-free option is often available through Care Credit.  Visit to apply, or get an application from our office.


In the event that we bill as a “non-participating” provider for your insurance plan, we will file for you, and we’ll assist with any insurance questions you may have. Sometimes people ask why they should go to a dentist who is not on their insurance network.  You should know that being an “In Network” or “Preferred Dental Provider” means that in order to get your business, a dentist has negotiated a contract with specific insurance carriers in which the dentist agrees to reduce a fee in exchange for being listed in the carriers’ directory and website.  This allows not only the fees to be dictated by the insurance carrier but also, in many cases, the treatment. The more carriers a dentist contracts with, the less time the clinician can spend with each patient in order to cover the expenses of the practice. We also believe it is unfair that patients who do not have insurance coverage be charged more to cover the losses of those who get insurance discounts in a “participating” practice.  Our patients who have had this type of insurance chosen for them by an employer, often find that their additional cost–if any–is very minimal.

We take pride in the quality of care we deliver and our fees for services. They reflect the the products we choose to use for your benefit and the amount of individualized care we offer each patient.  Our priority is to keep affordable fees without compromising quality. We believe that the quality of our services will be reflected in a beautiful, and lasting healthy smile. Dr. Kokmeyer and Dr. Ackermann have carefully considered their decision to remain “out of network”.  This is a win, win situation for our patients.  Our policy allows every patient to benefit from the best individualized care without the limitations placed by insurance carriers, while still having their insurance claims processed.   Our patients appreciate this benefit.