Braces for a Beautiful Smile

The doctors at Yankee Springs Dental have many years of experience in providing our patients with healthier teeth and a straight smile.

Over the years, it has been our joy help our patients who are unhappy with crooked or crowded teeth. For us, the reward has also been getting to better know the best patients in the world–the ones who have made Yankee Springs Dental their dental home. Being able to also change the shape, color, and spacing of your teeth at the same office office yields fast, affordable, and beautiful results.

braces smile

“All 3 of our kids now have beautiful smiles thanks to Yankee Springs Dental! Although each one had a different issue that needed to be corrected, Dr. Kokmeyer had a plan for each and they got their braces off within the time he told us. The Staff is easy to work with and very caring. We recommend Yankee Springs Dental to anyone who needs braces.”

The Mucci Family
Patients from Wayland, Michigan


Yankee Springs Dental provides Short-term braces for adults.

Many adults do not consider braces because they assume treatment will take a long time. We are not a specialty practice, and therefore we are uniquely qualified to combine straightening your teeth and the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. We have provided braces for our patients for over 30 years, but are equally experienced in other cosmetic and restorative dental techniques. This combination results in a beautiful smile with shorter treatment time and less expense. While the treatment is not for everyone, most adults can experience a straighter smile in about six months. Many of our patients–even those in their 70s, have found they are not too old to have the smile they have always wanted.

There is no reason to wait to improve your smile, quickly and comfortably.

SMILE Consultations for braces are always FREE at Yankee Springs Dental. Come to our office near Gun Lake, Michigan to learn more about how easy it is to have an even more beautiful smile!