“I really appreciate the time that they took to help me feel relaxed and comfortable.  I have always been a little nervous (ok, scared!) going to the dentist.  I don’t feel that way anymore.  Thanks Yankee Springs Dental.”  S.W.

“I’ve been going to Yankee Springs Dental for 20+ years and would recommend it to anyone! Great staff and relaxing environment!”  K.L.

“Great staff, very friendly. Dr. Ackermann is the best…very gentle. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. E.S.

“I’ve been going to the office for a few years. I’ve had cleanings, fillings, and braces. I’ve been helped by the services and appreciate the friendly environment, the people, and the great work you guys do.” A. V.D.

“I especially appreciate your friendly staff.” R. M.

“I’ve been a patient at Yankee Springs Dental forever! I’ve had many services that have really helped me. I love their friendly office and gentle dentistry.”  B.K.

“Yankee Springs Dental has kept my teeth healthy. They are always friendly.” E.M.

“I’ve been a patient for many years.  I have healthy shiny teeth. The staff is friendly and professional.” R.H.

“I got help when I needed it, I’ve been a patient for many years.” C.O.

“I’ve had cleanings and and implant at Yankee Springs Dental. I appreciate friendly faces, great communication, and the excellent dental work. T.L.

“I’ve been a patient for many years. I’ve had all kinds of services: root canals, extractions, periodontal, and fillings…and I could add more–but its all good and has helped me tremendously. There is nothing I dislike. Dentists are ‘the best’ and staff is friendly, welcoming-excellent. Dental Hygienists have been exceptional.  I love this place–its like family. C.M.

My braces from Yankee Springs Dental helped boost my confidence and self esteem. The staff is friendly, and there is an awesome view from the patient chairs. The lounge with fireplace make for a very nice facility. D.F.

“Services have helped me take better care of my teeth and smile more.Everyone is very nice and professional and help me to relax and not be nervous. A great team of staff members.” E.S.

Your team keeps my teeth in good shape with friendly service. T.R.

“I’ve gone to Yankee Springs Dental since I was a little girl. Cleanings and braces gave me a great smile. I appreciate how personal the staff is. I have really formed relationships here!”  K.G.

“I’ve had cleanings, fillings, and crowns. Every problem I have had has been fixed. Everyone is kind to me. My appointments have been good.” P.W.

“I’ve been a patient for well over 10 years. I appreciate your service.”  L.T.

“Ive had all kinds of normal services, and help with an emergency when I got hit with a golf ball in the teeth. I appreciate that they took care of me immediately in an emergency and do good work.” S. T.

“My teeth have been in good shape. They are very experienced and provide help right away.” C. O.

” Wow!  What a Relief. I met Dr. Frank A. Kokmeyer, D.D.S.!  I was so confused by the numerous issues I thought I had with my teeth: braces, implants/dentures, and general care. I told him I needed a general contractor to help me make sense of it all.  I have a deep sigh of relief when he told me issue #1 was to take care of an abscessed tooth. Dr. Christina helped me with that. I am in great hands now dealing with one issue at a time. So I am extremely grateful to everyone at the clinic that have been fantastic!! A home away from home.”  A.D.