Why Yankee Springs Dental?

Why Choose Yankee Springs Dental near Wayland, Michigan?

Yankee Springs Map

Yankee Springs Dental is convenient to the Hastings, Wayland, and Middleville areas.  There is no need to drive in to Grand Rapids and hunt for a parking space in the city.  We offer many excellent services, right in your neighborhood.  For many years, Frank Kokmeyer owned a large practice and facility in the Kalamazoo area. He enjoyed being part of a large staff, and eventually provided care at multiple locations. Dr. Kokmeyer chose the Yankee Springs location because he spent summers in the area as a child.

Dr. Kokmeyer has lived in the Yankee Springs area for over 40 years.

Dr. Frank Kokmeyer, D.D.S. He believes it is important to be a part of the community where he serve.s His children grew up learning about dentistry and all of them once had part-time jobs at the office. Today he chooses to focus on practicing exclusively at Yankee Springs Dental with a well-trained and talented team of professionals.



The office is designed to be as comfortable as your living room, and our team enjoys welcoming you to place where they enjoy working together and serving you.

Yankee Springs Dental is a safe place for you and your family.

We continue to offer you the latest and most effective sterilizing techniques, non-mercury white fillings, and digital x-rays. The staff is trained to make sure your safety is never compromised.

Yankee Springs Dental is constantly updating and implementing new techniques and making sure the materials chosen are the best for your results. Doctors and team members are constantly updating skills with continuing education.

Yankee Springs Dental uses the latest in dental technology. This includes digital x-rays, and intra-oral cameras. We are also able to use laser diagnostics, often to verify what we find with other options. Of course, computer terminals have long been at every chair, streamlining your experience. Dr. Kokmeyer was trained in Europe in techniques to provide computerized restorations and long provided that service. We continue to be informed on what some see as the “latest and greatest.”  Our goal is to cut out the hype and work with you to choose the most effective treatment to meet your individual needs.

Yankee Springs Dental is a general practice. We are experienced in all phases of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and we uniquely combine those skills with over 30 years of providing braces to area families. Your treatment is provided by the same doctors who provide your preventative and restorative care, and visits can be combined to your advantage. Cosmetic dentistry and straightening teeth combine to provide a beautiful smile that is beautiful and often more affordable. Many adults appreciate short-term braces– having a beautiful, straight smile, in only 6-8 months.


Yankee Springs Dental offers free consultations for cosmetics and braces. You are under no obligation. Come in for more information or a second opinion.